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6 Questions to Keep in Mind Before Sending Your Car for Repair After Collision

Aug 30, 2017   written by Monument Collision Center
Accidents are a hassle no matter the extent of damage done to your car. Repairs are often tricky if not handled by the right shop. Making sure that you choose the right collision repair center is essential as it should be stocked with all the tools and equipment your car is going to need to be restored. The collision repair center of your choice should also have a qualified and experienced staff which is able to complete the restoration work within your given budget.

Here are 6 questions you need to ask and know about collision repair processes before sending your car for repair:

1. Will they tow your car for you? 

Good collision repair centers can tow your car to their facility with their own towing trucks or by renting others. Driving your already damaged car to the facility is not advised as it will put your life at risk due to damaged parts and can damage your car even further. Let your collision repair center tow it for you.

2. Will they collaborate with insurance companies?

A lot of insurance companies usually want to inspect your car before it gets repaired. Inspection policies tend to vary according to when they decide to see your car. It is best to opt for an auto body shop that can partner and work with the insurance companies so that the insurance agents can see the car in the repair center before it gets restored.

3. Is the estimate given to you fair compared to others?

Make sure to get more than one estimate and remember to take notes from all the shops you visit. Visit or call a couple more shops to find out how much they charge after which you will get a rough idea on how much your repairs will cost and what is your best option. Doing this will give you the upper hand in negotiating with various collision repair shops to get the best deal.

4. Will you be offered a warranty?

You must make sure to ask for a repair warranty before you decide to send your car for repairs. If the collision repair centers refuse to give you a warranty then it is a sign that they are not professionals and don’t have enough faith in their own work to back it up with a warranty.  

5. Is the repair shop well equipped with what they will need?

The collision repair center that you decide to opt for should be well stocked with the right equipment, tools and skilled employees that are required to repair your car. This requires specially trained employees.

6. Do they rate well and have a good history with customers?

Deciding on a good collision center is also important as a good collision center is likely to render you a good service, you can check the shop’s rating online as well as checking the shop’s reputation and complaint history.

When it comes to quick, prompt and professional service for your car repairs, you can always count on us at Monument Collision Center. We understand that life for you is difficult when your car is at a repair shop, and so, we give it all we have to get your car back to you in top condition at the earliest.

Why Ignoring Collision Repair will Cost You Time and Money

Aug 16, 2017   written by Monument Collision Center

How much damage is too much?

Right from small bumps to top-speed crashes, a lot of car accidents lead to damages that require the skills of an auto body repair shop. Even small accidents may cause auto body damage that is costly to repair. The type of car you own and the force of the impact of the crash both play an important role in determining how much damage has occurred to your car. 

car collision

Factors to consider for collision repair:

Collision repair isn’t always a simple job. Here are 4 factors that are taken into consideration for determining the damage to your car:

1. Determining a Total Loss      
A lot of drivers think that there is no hope once their insurance company declares that their car has been totaled. A totaled car can be repaired though, and the extent to which it is damaged has very little to do with whether your insurance company will decide to declare it a total loss or not. The decision is based purely on the cost to repair the collision damage in comparison to the fair market value of the car.

2. Structural Damage        
Damage to your vehicle’s frame is near impossible and pretty expensive, whereas structural damage is not. An experienced body repair technician can examine your vehicle and check if it meets the company’s exact stock measurements. If it does not meet the company’s required measurements then machines are used to set the frame back into shape.

3. Frontal Impacts      
The front end crash repair job usually requires a lot more attention than any rear end damage does. A head on collision is likely to damage a lot more than simply the bumper as a front end crash can damage the front fender, hood, windshield and the quarter panels as well. If the damage is minimal then your auto body repair technician can opt to simply repair the damage rather than completely replacing anything. The body shop will have to co-ordinate with the paint color and re-assemble the vehicle with each freshly painted panel if it does not already have the replacement components prepainted already.

4. Rollovers              
A car that rolls usually has a lot more auto body damage than the usual vehicle involved in either a frontal or rear end accident. The chances of damaging the framework are pretty high in a rollover. If you decide to fix your vehicle after it has rolled over then it should be a calculated and well thought out decision which should be well presented to your insurance company. The damage that is incurred during a rollover might require special attention that may also require mechanical attention as well.

Deciding on whether your vehicle’s auto body damage is major or minor should not be decided by you, but rather by an experienced collision expert who should thoroughly inspect your car after the accident for any unseen damage. Accidents frequently cause cosmetic damage that is pretty easy to spot and repair along with mechanical damage and frame damage which are more expensive to repair. The truth is that almost all types of collision damage can be repaired, but sometimes it can be more cost-efficient to scrap your entire vehicle rather than having it rebuilt.    
I hope this article was useful to you, but if you need any further guidance regarding collision repair for your cars, then our professionals at Monument Collision Center have got you covered! Contact Monument Collision Center today!

5 Tips to Protect Your Car Paint

Jul 25, 2017   written by Monument Collision Center
Are you tired of your car getting that grungy, faded and worn out look? Wonder what causes this? Exposing your skin to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun damages and harms your skin, similarly they also tend to harm your car’s coat of paint. You can prevent the sun from damaging your car’s paint finish by parking it inside a garage or in a shaded area. By keeping it out of the sun, you’ll be able to protect the headlights and rubber trim from being damaged by the heat as well.

Keeping your car out of the sun is not always possible, but there are a few things you can do to better maintain your car’s exterior.

Here are 5 tips that will prevent your car’s paint from getting damaged:

1. Wash Your Car Frequently 

Regularly washing your car reduces the chances of dirt, dust or any other debris from ruining your car’s paint job.

2. Hand Drying the Exterior of Your Car

Even though it is a lot easier to let your car dry off, don’t – as this is when the water is more likely to penetrate the paint. Washing or drying off your car by hand immediately after your car has become dirty is highly recommended as this does not allow any time for the water to penetrate the paint job. Letting your car air dry is not recommended as water spots will leave minerals behind which will affect your paint job and lead to its fading. To prevent your paint from fading, use a cotton cloth to absorb and dry away the water spots. 

3. Wax Your Car

Waxing your car gives it an extra layer of protection from dirt, debris as well as against the sun’s harsh rays. Applying a luxurious coat of wax is the critical final step to preventing sun damage to your car from ultraviolet radiation and helping stop pollution, grit and dirt from adhering to the finish and causing pitting.

4. Always Park in a Cool Place

Always make sure to park your car in a place that will shield it away from the sun and its harsh rays. This will also keep your car’s other parts well protected from the sun’s rays e.g. the rubber lining and seats.

5. Invest in Paint Protection

Invest in auto paint protection film kits for your entire car. Paint protection film can either be a do-it-yourself project or a service provided by an auto service shop. 

We hope that these tips are helpful in protecting your car from the harsh summer sun, but if your car does happen to fade, we’ve got you covered at the Monument Collision Center. Our experts can help you restore your car’s paint job bringing it back to tip-top condition.

Paintless Dent Repair and Its Benefits

Jul 18, 2017   written by Monument Collision Center
Are you looking to get rid of those dents on your car – that too in an eco-friendly way? Well then paintless dent repair is the perfect option for you as it is the fastest, most affordable and least intrusive process for dent repair.

Paintless dent repair is an eco-friendly technique used by auto body shops to remove dents and dings, leaving the original paint in place. 

How does the PDR Process Work?

Paintless dent repair is an approach to removing dents that works on the damaged areas from the inside of the car. Where you see the dent on the outside does not necessarily correspond to where the repair of the dent will be focused on the inside, so paintless dent repair is an art of its own. 

Using the proper tools and ensuring that the dent isn’t pushed too far in the opposite direction, a paintless dent repair professional can work the dented area back to its original appearance. It is a process of accessing the back side of the damaged panel and then massaging and shrinking the dent with unique and specialized rods that have different configurations. PDR is a quicker process than the traditional repair processes and does not use the usual auto body methods like sanding, body fillers in order to maintain your car’s original finish.

Here are the steps of PDR: 

1. Assess the Damage

The first step of any repair process that you need to take is to assess the damage. Ask yourself questions like:
How big is the dent?
How can you get to the dent?

After you assess that damage, then you can determine whether it can be removed through PDR (Roughly 80-90% can be removed) after which you can start preparing the area around the dent for repair.

2. Gain Entry

PDR requires access to the back side of the dent which means removing the body panels, tail lights, or in some cases, interior panels. You need to create a pathway to the dent if you want to perform PDR. 

Once you have got access to the dent, you can have PDR done by trained technicians.

3. Getting a Better Look at the Dent

Generally they use a special light board to give the technicians a better look at the dent from their point of view. The board then displays a shadow of the dent, telling them exactly where to place their tools and massage the metal back to its original position.

4. Apply Slow Pressure

Special tools are then used to carefully massage the exterior back to its original shape. The entire PDR process can be completed on the same day as the process is really quick.  

What are the benefits of Paintless Dent Repair?

• You don’t need to repaint or need body filler
• Is not as expensive as traditional body repair
• Can be fixed quickly most of the time
• There is no chance of paint overspray on other parts of the vehicle
• There is no risk of incorrect color matching 
• Your vehicle will retain its original coat of paint (a vehicle with original paint retains a higher market value)
• It’s cheaper – PDR is a much more budget friendly option

If you have a car with dents, contact Monument Collision Center today at (925) 849-4605 to get the best paintless repair job done on your car by our skilled and experienced technicians.